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Through over 10 years of innovation
We have become a comprehensive biopharmaceutical company integrating drug discovery, technology consulting and technology transfer.

Guangzhou Cellprotek Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in April 2011 in the Science Park of Guangzhou, is a comprehensive biopharmaceutical company integrating new drug discovery, technology consulting and technology transfer. Up until now, our R&D team has been powered by many domestic and overseas experts and talents, including over 10 doctoral graduates, while above 60% of our research staff possesses a master degree. Cellprotek has formed a mature business and operation model, and implemented a standardized and systematic management system to back our R & D.

Cellprotek is committed to solving the unmet clinical needs of major acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases, with innovative small molecule drugs. In addition, the company has launched development of healthcare products for the prevention of these diseases. Currently, there are 5 drug candidates in our R&D pipeline, and we have filed in more than 100 patent applications at home and abroad with over 60 being authorized, covering 48 countries or regions. Our R & D team has published over 20 academic articles, and received multiple honors and supports from different governmental projects, such as the National Science and Technology Major Project, the National Key Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Team, the Innovative R & D Organization of Guangdong Province and the Introduced Innovative Entrepreneurship Team of Guangdong Province.

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Percentage of research staff with a master’s degree and above
Number of authorized patents domestically and abroad
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Company Culture
Our mission

Solve The Unmet Clinical Needs For The Treatment Of CNS Diseases.

Our goal

Become a pioneer in the discovery of innovative small molecule drugs

our perspective

Science Honesty Excellence Diligence Teamwork

Management Team
Yan Guangmei
Chief scientific officer, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Pharmacology in Sun Yat-Sen University, d
Prof. Yan was among one of the first “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, and he acted as the project leader for multiple national key major projects. Prof. Yan served as the vice-president of Sun Yat-sen University for over 20 years. He was a member of China’s Higher Medical Education Council, the vice-chairman of Guangdong Pharmacological Society, and a CPPCC member of Guangdong. Prof. Yan has been mainly engaged in the research field of neuropharmacology and oncolytic virus, and his research team has published over 100 academic articles.
Wang Wei
Chairman of the Board, Master of Finance, and Master of Business Administration
With many years of working experience in finance, Mr. Wang has mainly invested in healthcare, new energy and finance. A number of his invested companies already went successfully IPO in China.
Lin Suizhen
General Manager and legal representative
Graduated from Xiangya School of Medicine, Ms. Lin used to be an associate professor in Zhongshan School of Medicine. She conducted postdoctoral research in the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA) and Indiana University School of Medicine. She also worked as a consultant biologist in the area of CNS diseases at Eli Lilly and Company in Indiana for over 10 years. She co-founded Cellprotek after returning to China in 2011. Under her leadership, Cellprotek has won many honors, prizes and fundings, such as Leading Talent in science and technology of GETDD, Leading Talent in innovation and entrepreneurship of Guangzhou “Hundred Talents Program”, and Innovative Entrepreneur Team introduced by Guangdong Province by “Pearl River Talent Plan. She also played a leading role in application and management of the “13th Five-year National Major New Drug Development” project. Until now, Lin has published over 60 academic articles.
Development Path



Completion of the first funding round


In February, Androtriol (YC-6) injection Project was funded by the GETDD leading talent entrepreneurship project in science and technology;
In April, YC-6 injection received funding from the Leading Talent Entrepreneurship project in science and technology of Guangzhou;
In April, an IND (investigational new drug) application for YC-6 injection was submitted to National Food and Medical Products Administration.


In January, funded by the project of Innovative Entrepreneur Team introduced by Guangdong Province; and
In August, the core patent of YC-6 was authorized by US Patent and Trademark Office.


In January, YC-6 injection received phase 1 clinical trial approval;
In September, share-holding reform was completed and Cellprotek became a limited liability company; and
In September, phase I clinical trial of YC-6 injection initiated.


In January, Cellprotek was listed on the share transfer system of national middle and small-sized enterprises (SMEs);
In January, funded by the “13th Five-year National Major New Drug Development” project
In March, two projects received funding from Major Special Science and Technology Project (concerning people’s livelihood) from Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Guangzhou; and
In December, recognized as a new “High-tech Enterprise” of Guangdong.


In May, recognized as a corporate R & D organization of Guangzhou; and
In October, received the “National Key Overseas Chinese Team” title.


Phase I clinical trial of YC-6 injection were completed.


In July, Cellprotek received the phase II/III clinical trial approval for YC-6 injection.
In August, listed as the “Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Asian-Pacific Region (among SMEs)”, ranking 67th;
In October, obtained the certificate of Intellectual Property Management System Certification; and
In December, received the “New R & D Institutes of Guangdong Province” title.


Listed as one of the “Top-50 Innovative Bio-pharmaceutical Enterprises of Guangzhou (2019)”, ranking 39th.

Project support from the “13th Five-year National Major New Drug Development”
The list of the most innovative pharmaceutical enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the Asia Pacific region ranked 67th
Outstanding Talent certificate issued by GETDD
“National Key Overseas Chinese Team” certificate
New R & D organization of Guangdong Province certificate
Guangzhou biomedical enterprises ranked 39th in the top 50 innovation list (2019)
Innovative Entrepreneur Team introduced by Guangdong Province by “Pearl River Talent Plan”
Certificate of Guangzhou enterprise research and development institution
Guangzhou Innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent certificate
The Top 100 Enterprise of the Second China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Startup Group)
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