Equipment bidding announcement - 12 cup automatic dissolution instrument
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1、 Invitation to bid

1. Tenderee: Guangzhou saipute Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

2. Name and model of bidding goods: 12 cup automatic dissolution instrument. (Note: unit price mode is adopted for quotation, and each part shall be quoted separately, and the tenderee will purchase as required)

3. Main technical specifications: see Part V equipment user requirements (URS).

4. Delivery time: before December 15, 2021.

5. Place of delivery: 4 / F, building g, No. 3, Luoyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

6. Deadline for bid submission: 17:00, October 28, 2021. If it is overdue, it will not be accepted.

7. Place of bid submission: Room 411, floor 4, building g, No. 3, Luoyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

8. Time and place of bid opening: October 29, 2021;

Location: Room 411, 4th floor, building g, No. 3, lanyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou.

9. Mailing address: Room 411, floor 4, building g, No. 3, Luoyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou;

Tel: 020-82037742;

E-mail: ;

Contact: Huang Zhihua

2、 Instructions to bidders

1. Qualification of the tenderee:

All bidders invited to participate in the bidding shall be domestic and foreign enterprises with legal person status and production or supply capacity (those who implement the production license system must hold the production license), who meet, recognize and perform various provisions in the bidding documents. Documents certifying the bidder's qualification

(1) The bidder's valid "legal person business license" (copy)

(2) Power of attorney of legal representative (original)

(3) ID card of authorized representative of legal person (copy)

(4) Product identification certificate (copy)

(5) Production license (copy)

(6) Won the honorary certificate of international, national and ministerial Excellence (copy)

(7) Statements and documents deemed necessary by the tenderer

2. Bidding cost

The tenderer shall bear all expenses related to the preparation and submission of tender documents by itself. Regardless of the bidding results, the tenderee shall not be obliged and responsible to bear these expenses under any circumstances.

2. Clarification of bidding documents

Any bidder requiring clarification of the bidding documents shall notify the tenderee in writing or by fax 5 days before the deadline for submission of bids. The tenderee will reply in writing.

3. Preparation of tender documents

The tenderer shall carefully read the bidding documents and understand the requirements of the bidding documents. Prepare the bidding documents after fully understanding the technical specifications, requirements and commercial conditions of the bidding goods.

(1) Format of bid: the bidder shall complete the bid and the bid quotation sheet in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents and the attached bid quotation instructions, indicating the goods provided, brief introduction of the goods (including technical parameters, which are true and effective in the bidding documents), quantity and price.

(2) Bidding quotation: the bidder shall quote the most competitive price for the bidding goods and services, and fill in the name, specification, model, quantity, ex factory unit price and total price of the goods in the quantity and itemized price list of the bidding goods. The freight and premium shall be reported separately. The lowest bid price cannot be the only guarantee for winning the bid.

4. The bidding goods comply with the technical response documents specified in the bidding documents

The bidder must submit the technical response documents that the goods and services it bids conform to the bidding documents. The document can be written data, drawings and data (including electronic version), and must provide a detailed list of all spare parts and special tools required to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the goods specified in the technical specifications, including their prices and supply sources. If necessary, the differences and complete differences of bidding goods and services shall be explained item by item in the specification deviation table (Annex).

5. Validity period of tender documents

The bid documents shall be valid within 30 days from the date of bid opening.

6. Writing requirements of tender documents

The original and all copies of the tender documents must be written or printed in indelible ink and bound into a volume. One bid document shall be signed one by one by the authorized representative of the legal person and stamped with the official seal of the bidder. And delivered to the designated place together with the deadline for bidding.

7. Sealing and marking of bidding documents

The tenderer shall put the original and copy of the tender document into the letter bag respectively for sealing, and affix the tenderer's official seal (or special contract seal) at the sealing place. The envelope seal of the tender document shall indicate:

(1) The tenderee and the bid delivery address specified in the bidding documents;

(2) Name of bidding project;

(3) Tender number;

(4) Name and address of the bidding enterprise;

3、 Bid opening and evaluation

1. Bid opening:

The tenderee shall organize internal experts to preside over the bid opening at the time and place specified in the bidding documents.

2. Bid evaluation:

Bid evaluation or negotiation shall be conducted based on the principle of comprehensive index performance and relatively low bid winning price. The tenderee shall make bid opening records and file them for future reference. Bid evaluation shall be based on the bidding documents and tender documents.

(1) The bid documents with significant deviation from the bidding documents will be rejected, which can meet various comprehensive evaluation standards specified in the bidding documents to the greatest extent;

(2) It can meet the substantive requirements of bidding, and the evaluated bid price is the lowest, except that the bid price is lower than the cost.

(3) In addition to the bid price, the following factors will also be considered in bid evaluation: technical level and performance of bidding goods; Quality suitability of bidding goods; Response to the payment method in the bidding document; Delivery date and supply capacity; Completeness of supporting equipment (if necessary); Spare parts and after-sales service commitment; The tenderer's comprehensive strength, performance and reputation.

3. Notification of award

Within 15 days after the bid evaluation, the tenderee will issue the letter of acceptance in writing, but the issuing time shall not exceed the bid validity period. Once the letter of acceptance is issued, it will take legal effect. Within 15 days after the notification of award is issued, the successful bidder must sign a contract with the buyer. The letter of acceptance will be the basis for signing the contract. Do not explain the reasons for bid failure and do not return the bid documents.

(see attachment for details)

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