Product name (new drug)
Preclinical research
Phase I clinical trial
Phase II clinical trial
YC-6 Injection
1. Acute ischemic stroke
2. Acute severe pneumonia
3. Acute cerebral hemorrhagic stroke
YC-6 injection
Under the leadership of Professor Yan Guangmei, a famous Chinese pharmacology expert, our original research team extracted and screened steroidal small molecular compounds with neuroprotective effect from marine plants, named "YC-1", transformed and optimized their structure, obtained several similar compounds through chemical synthesis, and found that yc-6 has significant neuroprotective effect, It has high safety and novel mechanism of action. It has not been reported before. It will be further developed as a candidate compound of first in class small molecule neuroprotective agent.
Summary of preclinical studies
Yc-6 can significantly reduce the infarct volume of middle cerebral artery embolization (MCAO) rat and mouse models and significantly improve cerebral nerve function. The neuroprotective efficacy of this model has been verified by the blind method of the third-party independent laboratory in the United States (Institute of neuroscience, Morehouse Medical College, the United States). We also verified the significant brain protective effect of yc-6 in the acute hypoxia model of non-human primates. In preclinical pharmacokinetic studies, we found that yc-6 not only easily penetrated the blood-brain barrier, but also enriched in the brain and did not accumulate in the brain.
Clinical trial
Yc-6 injection completed phase I clinical trial in Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 2018. Among 92 healthy subjects, yc-6 injection showed good human safety, tolerance and good pharmacokinetic characteristics, and no drug-related serious adverse events were found. The project obtained the approval of II / III clinical trial in 2019 and is currently in the stage of phase II clinical trial for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Based on the continuous in-depth understanding of the mechanism of yc-6, we are also actively expanding a number of new indications for yc-6.
Antinotriol yc-6 injection
YC-6 Oral Preparation
1. Stroke recovery
2. Post-stroke depression
3. High altitude sickness
YC-6 Oral preparation
Yc-6 oral preparation is a new dosage form developed for yc-6 for different indications. At present, it is in the stage of dosage form optimization and pharmacodynamics verification. It is intended to be used for the treatment of stroke rehabilitation and the treatment and / or prevention of acute high altitude encephalopathy.
YC-5 Injection
Acute spinal cord injury
YC-5 injection
Another small molecule with significant neuroprotective effect found in steroids extracted from marine plants is yc-5, which was later proved to be endogenous. We found that it can reduce acute spinal cord injury in vivo and in vitro. The preliminary safety evaluation results show that yc-5 has low toxicity and is expected to become a protective drug for spinal cord injury with multi-target mechanism to meet the clinical urgent need in this field. At present, the chemical synthesis of yc-5 and the quality research of API have been completed, and the prescription technology research of yc-5 injection is under way.
CP701 Oral Preparation
Alzheimer's disease
CP701 Oral preparation
In our study, we found that the increased expression of key protein target molecules related to metabolism is an important mechanism for the occurrence of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH / NAFLD). Our R & D team screened several small molecule compounds for this target molecule and found the small molecule compound cp701. Therefore, we carried out research and development around the possible role of cp701 in the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, so as to make up for the huge clinical needs of the disease. At present, the chemical synthesis optimization and pharmacodynamic validation of cp701 are being carried out.
Product name (health supplements)
Target group
Preclinical research
Clinical research
Sai Tong Capsule
SAITONG capsule (auxiliary blood lipid lowering)
The product has completed animal toxicology, animal efficacy, physical and chemical characteristics and stability tests in the authoritative inspection organization designated by the state market supervision and administration. The human trial was carried out in the designated third class hospital. The product has reliable auxiliary lipid-lowering effect, safety and non-toxic side effects. It is expected to obtain "Jian brand" in 2022.
Sai Jing Pill
Saijing tablet (assisted sleep)
Products specially developed for people with insomnia
Insomnia is a common clinical symptom perplexing sub-health people. This product is derived from pure plant ingredients and has no side effects. It is suitable for improving insomnia. This product has completed the product process research and is ready to enter the animal experiment and product stability test stage. It is expected to be on the market by the end of 2023.
Sai Ning Pill
Saining tablet (auxiliary uric acid lowering)
Products specially developed for people with high uric acid
The number of people with high uric acid in China has reached 177 million. Gout, uric acid stones and uric acid nephropathy caused by high uric acid seriously endanger personal health and cause huge social burden. This product has the same drug and food origin and can help reduce the level of uric acid. The product is expected to be launched in early 2023.